WWE Schedules Logan Paul Segments To Prevent Crowd Booing: Report

According to reports, a former famous boxer is having trouble winning over the WWE fans.
Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber and internet personality renowned for his celebrity boxing fights, inked a multi-year contract with WWE last month, and the wrestling company plans to make the newest addition a star. According to insiders in the WWE, the company wants to market Paul as a “babyface,” which refers to him as the “nice person” in the ring that the audience is supposed to support. This is a change from the identity he adopted when he appeared at Wrestlemania last year, where he wore a “heel” demeanor meant to represent the opponent in the bout.

But despite the WWE’s efforts to portray Paul to its viewers as a hero, live fans have ruthlessly jeered the Ohio native as he made his way to the ring. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the WWE started playing Paul’s segments after he had already been introduced to the live audience in an effort to quell any initial jeers and prevent exposing their viewers at home the abuse Paul received.


This was made clear in a WWE RAW show earlier this week when viewers were thrust into the heart of a bloody battle between Paul and the Miz, his opponent. Paul and The Miz were formerly partners during Paul’s performance at Wrestlemania, but their rivalry began after The Miz betrayed Paul by surprising Paul after the bout.

The WWE expects that Paul, as a potential babyface, will quickly win over the crowd, just like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Hulk Hogan did in the past. Although the WWE has had several well-liked heel characters, like Seth Rollins, Triple H, and the Miz himself, it is determined to promote Paul as a protagonist.

At this Saturday’s Wrestlemania event, Paul will have the opportunity to get revenge on the Miz.

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