Working on the biopic script, according to Madonna, is like “hacking off my limbs.”

The music superstar has been actively involved in the next production and reportedly found it difficult to condense the narrative.
Madonna has held a stranglehold over Pop since the 1980s. Love her or detest her, her professional phases are indelible in music history, and she has always had the public’s attention. Madonna has established herself as an icon and has performed her hits for fans all around the world, many of whom have remained loyal for decades. She now plans to tell her biography in a future biopic. According to reports, Madonna spent time with Kanye West’s ex Julia Fox at the beginning of the year since the actress was said to have landed a part in the production. The singer is quite involved with the endeavor.


The singer talked about what it was like to compile her lifetime achievements into a movie in a recent interview with Variety.

It’s incredibly difficult for me to condense my lengthy composition. She also revealed why she made the plunge and chose to release a biography, saying, “I’ve been chipping away at it, but it’s like slicing off my limbs.

“I need to produce an incredible picture because I’ve had an extraordinary life. Several individuals were attempting to produce movies about me, so it was also a preventative measure. Mostly male misogynists. I forced open the door by declaring that I would be the only one to speak my story.

Some people question if her connection with Tupac Shakur will be mentioned in the screenplay, while it is unknown what highlights will be included.

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