Joyner Lucas is praised by Bobby Shmurda, who declares, “I don’t give a f*ck about popularity.”

Lucas has “more money” than “the biggest rappers n*ggas speak about,” according to Shmurda, who explains why.
Bobby Shmurda feels more liberated now that he is a self-employed musician, and he is getting ready for his new wave now that he has formally revealed his new endeavor. Shmurda has been on a promotional tour in anticipation of the release of his BodBoy EP next month. Most recently, he spoke with The Party Starters podcast about what makes him unique from other musicians.

Shmurda claims that he was never the “nice” child in school when he was younger and as a result, he doesn’t play that role in the industry.

Shmurda commended Joyner Lucas and questioned why he doesn’t get more exposure while discussing the politics of the business.

“The thing I detest about the business is that they never bring up Joyner Lucas. Do any of you know who that is? Why the hell don’t we discuss him? enquired Shmurda. He is able to earn $250,000 every month from his work from the comfort of his home. Shmurda seems to contend that Lucas is disregarded since he is an independent artist and not a part of the industrial machinery.

“Like I mentioned, he is earning more money than the top five musicians! He earns between $3,400 and $4,400 every month. Easy, have a seat. He received more money than the famous artists that women speak about, yet.

Watch Bobby Shmurda’s appearance on The Party Starters below. Also, make sure to read our cover story with Shmurda:Bobby Shmurda is Ready to Live.

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