Russell Westbrook’s Reaction To Darvin Ham’s Hiring Is Calm

Russ expressed his gratitude to his new head coach.
Russell Westbrook had a forgettable first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. He had one of the worst shooting seasons of his career, and his numbers weren’t all that impressive either. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to get things rolling, and when it was all over, Lakers fans wanted to swap him for a bag of new Spaldings.

Westbrook blamed his troubles on former Lakers head coach Frank Vogel, who he said didn’t know how to use him. The Lakers recently signed Darvin Ham as their new head coach, and there is now a genuine optimism that Ham can help Westbrook turn his career around in Los Angeles.


Westbrook still doesn’t appear overly enthused about his new head coach, as writer Anthony Irwin pointed out on Twitter. Rather of congratulating him on his new job via social media, Westbrook merely reported the Lakers who made the announcement. Westbrook said nothing further in response to the news, which seemed to indicate that he was unconcerned by it.

The Lakers are allegedly considering retaining Westbrook, and they’ll need him to be totally committed if they want to be successful this season. Hopefully, Ham can improve Westbrook’s game, especially at this stage of his career.