Deshaun Watson’s Attorney Makes Controversial Remarks About His Client’s Lawsuit

Watson’s lawyer recently made some strange remarks.
Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns’ new quarterback, has had one of the most contentious seasons of any NFL quarterback. Even though Watson was cleared of criminal charges by a grand jury in March, he is still facing 23 civil lawsuits and a possible NFL punishment over allegations of sexual assault by massage parlour employees.

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, made statements on the Payne and Pendergast radio show that have added another layer of drama to the problem, as his civil trial approaches and his NFL future remains uncertain.

“I’m not sure how many males out there now have had a massage, but maybe there was a nice ending once in a while,” Hardin remarked. “I do want to emphasise that if something has occurred, it is not a crime.”


“Unless you’re paying someone extra to provide you with some form of sexual action, it’s not a criminal,” Hardin stated. Finally, doing something, saying something, or acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable is not a crime.”

While Hardin is true in that Watson was cleared of criminal charges, his position for the 2022-2023 season remains uncertain. To take action against Watson, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell does not require criminal charges to be brought. Due to recent agreements in the new CBA, an objective party will rule on the former Houston Texans’ standing and offer a recommendation to the league.

As a result, Watson might miss a significant portion or all of next season. This might explain why Baker Mayfield has yet to be dealt by the Browns. In any case, the quarterback position in Cleveland will continue to evolve in the months leading up to the start of the season.