Polo G Releases “Distraction,” A New Single and Video

He describes the picture as “a true movie,” and it appears that he drew inspiration from his own life experiences.
We’re used to hearing new music from musicians faster than we can keep up with these days, but Polo G hasn’t released anything since the deluxe version of Hall Of Fame was released in December. His smash album was released around this time last year, and fans have been eagerly anticipating more from the Chicago rapper. He recently returned to promote the release of his single “Distraction,” which he released along with a video on Friday (June 3).


“Inna min, 1st Single Back This is simply a heads up that I’m about to take ova, “He expressed himself on Instagram. He referred to the track as “a true movie,” and he acknowledged those who tried to “discredit” his “talent”—lyrics from his new song. Polo appears to be planning something big for this year, so stay tuned as we keep you updated on what’s to come.

Stream “Distraction” and drop your thoughts about Polo G‘s music video that pulls inspiration from his real life.