Remy Ma Responds to Doja Cat’s Remarks

Remy Ma Responds to Doja Cat's Remarks


Remy Ma didn’t think she was causing a stir.
Remy Ma caused a commotion earlier this year when she stepped out and expressed her feelings about Doja Cat. Doja Cat, according to the experienced artist, is not a rapper. While some may see these statements as a dig at Doja, Remy was quick to point out that she thinks Doja is a brilliant artist who makes some really outstanding records.

Remy stated, “I don’t think she’s a rapper.” “Let’s be clear about something. They labelled her as a rapper, but I don’t believe she is one. However, she makes dope records, and I believe she is dope.”
Remy was recently interviewed on the Black Compass show, where she discussed battle rap and her desire to support female musicians. One of the hosts then requested Remy to comment on the Doja Cat problem. After all, her fans were furious, and it sparked a heated debate regarding Doja’s music.


“I believed I was complimenting [her],” she explained. “Her entire entourage, or fan base, had come to take my life.” “I thought I said something excellent!” I exclaimed.

With that in mind, it’s evident that Remy appreciates Doja Cat’s music. Doja, after all, has a slew of honours under her belt and is already a star in her own right.

Perhaps in the future, these two can write a song and put the past behind them.