Post Malone Opens Up About TikTok, Says It’s “So Hard” For Him

Post Malone Opens Up About TikTok, Says It's "So Hard" For Him


In a recent interview, Post Malone talked about his troubles with social networking.
Post Malone discussed how he struggles to use TikTok as a means to promote and release music, despite knowing and seeing the benefits among his contemporaries, when speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to promote his new album Twelve Carat Toothache.

“There are numerous methods for getting people to listen to your music. And TikTok is very massive… Everything, no, everything is fantastic. And then you get people to listen to my new song, which goes f**king viral and changes people’s lives. And it’s there that you meet talented people and learn about everything. But it’s simply so difficult for me to come up with something natural “Post remarked.

The rapper from Beerbongs and Bentleys isn’t the only one who has spoken out about their problems with TikTok. Charlie XCX and Halsey are among the musicians that have expressed dissatisfaction with TikTok.

“After a lot of f**k sh*t, ‘So Good’ will finally be released on June 9th. The video will be released the following day. And now I can get back to my true plan: using witchcraft to take over the world with TikTok “Halsey said this in response to her record label’s refusal to release her song until it had a “viral moment.”


Although Malone acknowledged that social media can assist establish careers, he also alluded to the difficulties he faced in 2020, when he was compelled to stop using all channels.

“A platform is a terrible thing to throw away, especially at a time when our country and the world are experiencing heartbreak, and especially when someone has the potential to speak out. I’ve been attempting to withdraw myself from social media for the past few months in order to improve my mental health, and by doing so and allowing others more control over posts on my accounts, I’ve been able to do so “At the time, the rapper expressed himself on Instagram.

Check out the complete conversation with Zane below, and be on the lookout for the new album, which will be released on June 3rd.