“Wait For U” by Future and Drake was Kanye West’s first song.


"Wait For U" by Future and Drake was Kanye West's first song.


Future and Drake’s #1 record has a backstory, according to ATL Jacob.
Future never had a #1 hit record until 2021, despite being one of the most productive and influential artists of our time. Future’s contributions on “WAY 2 SEXY” gave him his first Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper, thanks to Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. Given how many timeless tunes Future has made during his career, it’s a bit surprising.

With the release of I Never Liked You earlier this year, he won his second #1 hit. With the Tems-assisted “Wait For You,” Future and Drake once again proven that they can work magic. According to ATL Jacob, the song was initially Kanye West’s before it ended up in Future’s hands. In an interview with B High Atl, the producer said that Kanye West was enamoured with the beat but never finished the song.

“What’s interesting is that that was one of [Kanye’s] favourite songs before ‘WAIT FOR U’ came out,” Jacob remarked. “Man, this record is insane!” he exclaimed. So we were experimenting with it, but we just couldn’t get to the point where we could finish ‘WAIT FOR U.'”

Interestingly, ATL Jacob was well aware that the song would be a hit for Future, despite the fact that the Dungeon Family veteran avoided it whenever they were in the studio together. Future didn’t share his admiration for that track until they were recently at Drake’s place.


“When we were at Drake’s house the other day, we were talking about how he skipped it because he knew it was one of his favourites. He claimed he had been listening to that beat every day for a month and knew exactly what he was going to do with it “He went on to say more. “It had been a long time, perhaps six or seven months.” So I figured, since he didn’t like it, I’d try the rhythm with another artist. Then he called me up and said, ‘Hey, don’t give this beat to anyone else.’ ‘It’s got a wacky song on it,’ I said.