On “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith speaks with Kevin Durant.

The feud is never going to end.
Following Stephen A. Smith’s comments about Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant took some apparent punches at him. Michael Jordan, Smith claimed, ushered in an age of NBA basketball that was detrimental to the sport. Durant said that the commentators are the ones who make the game worse, and that Smith is on the hook for it.

“Guys like Steve, Skip, and Shannon, in my opinion, have transformed the game for the worst. Players like Stephen and Michael can only help to advance the game “Durant said.


Smith made sure to get in the final word on First Take today, saying that individuals like himself aren’t going anywhere, and KD will have to live with it. Smith takes his career very seriously, and he doesn’t like it being slandered in this way.

“The world’s Stephen A. Smiths aren’t going anywhere,” Smith stated. “I’m here right now, and there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of people who come after me… We’ve arrived and will remain. We’re not going away, so get over it.”