Draymond Green explains why he no longer hangs out with Steph Curry.

Green got down to business when it came to the Warriors’ dynamics.
Draymond Green provided additional insight into the Golden State Warriors’ behind-the-scenes life ahead of their NBA Finals battle against the Boston Celtics. In an interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews, the former Defensive Player of the Year claimed that he no longer hangs out off the court with teammates Steph Curry and Klay Thompson as he used to.

Green stated, “I believe we’ve changed a lot.” “I believe the most significant thing is that we’re at very different places in our lives. When I think back on that period, I notice that we all hung around a lot more. We were only passing across each other’s path. We don’t spend a lot of time together.

As the Warriors prepare for their sixth trip to the Finals in eight years, these words may serve as a wake-up call for Warriors supporters. Green, on the other hand, assured supporters that the team’s camaraderie is still good as they prepare for their series against Boston.

“But our friendship is no different than it was when we were hanging out like that,” Green added. “I believe it’s in large part because to the foundation that we formed.”



The Warriors have a difficult struggle against a good Celtics squad, regardless of their team’s chemistry. On Thursday, the Warriors lost a 12-point lead in Game 1 of the Finals, falling 120-108. Curry led the squad with 34 points, but Green struggled to score, finishing the game with only four points.

On Sunday, the Warriors will try to avenge their Game 2 setback at home.