Tika Ramlan Talks About T2’s Reunion Plans

The Indonesian music industry welcomed the emergence of the duo group T2 in 2005. At that time, two graduates of the Indosiar Fantasy Academy, Kartika Yudia Ramlan ( Tika ) and Prastiwi Dwiarti ( Tiwi ), started their professional careers on the music scene.

Even though Tika and Tiwi did not win the competition, the public still recognized their quality in the world of singing.

This is evidenced by the success of T2 on their debut album, entitled OK in 2007. In which both singers won the Platinum Award title for selling 125 thousand album copies until May 2008.

It didn’t stop there, T2 then created several albums to maintain their existence in the music industry. Among them are Malu Malu Dong (2008) and Crazy Love (2011).

Unfortunately, T2’s musical career slowly faded after their third album was released. Tika and Tiwi even chose to disband in 2014.

However, recently, there have been reports that Tika and Tiwi are planning to revive the duo group that raised their name. The two T2 personnel have even appeared on one stage several times.

So, is it true that Tika and Tiwi are reunited in group T2 after 8 years apart? Here are the results of the conversation with Tika: