Thanks to the Golden State Warriors, Drake has a big win.


Thanks to the Golden State Warriors, Drake has a big win.


Drake is an avid sports fan who particularly enjoys the game of basketball. He has recently been working with the gambling site “Stake,” where he has placed many bets on various sports. Drake has bet a couple million dollars on everything from football to basketball.

When the playoffs initially began in April, we revealed that Drake had staked $200K on the Golden State Warriors winning the Western Conference title. That’s exactly what the Warriors did last night, defeating the Dallas Mavericks by a score of 120-110. It was a momentous win for the team, as they go to the NBA Finals for the sixth time in eight seasons.

Drake was able to clear $1 million thanks to the Warriors’ victory, as you can see in the Bleacher Report post below. The Warriors were 5-1 favorites to win the West, and Drake was a big winner. The Grizzlies and Suns had better chances, but it was the Warriors’ more experienced players who proved to everyone that they are the true Western Conference kings.


Drake is almost certain to wager on the NBA Finals, and given his track record, it’s safe to assume he’ll pick the Warriors over the Heat or Celtics. Only time will tell whether such a wager will pay off.

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