Stephen A. Smith Discusses the Lakers’ Chances for Next Season

Stephen A. Smith is a man of few words.
The Los Angeles Lakers were the league’s biggest letdown this season. This club was meant to be fighting for a championship right now, with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook. Instead, the Lakers failed to make the playoffs and only managed to win 33 games, which is awful considering the group that was assembled.

Darvin Ham has taken over as the club’s new head coach, and there is optimism that the squad can get back on track. Stephen A. Smith, on the other hand, isn’t convinced. Today on First Take, Smith stated that the Lakers will be better now that LeBron and AD are well. He does not believe, however, that this club will be fighting for a meaningful championship any time soon.

“I believe you can overcome it enough to be a playoff team as long as LeBron James and Anthony Davis are healthy.” “Smith stated his opinion. “But that’s the pinnacle of my hopes for the Los Angeles Lakers.”

Russ, who isn’t a shooter, is also expected to stay with the Lakers. The Lakers’ need for shooting has been exaggerated to this point, but they will have to make due for the time being. Maybe that will change once the offseason arrives.