Klay Thompson Knows How To Get Out Of His Slump news

Klay Thompson is having a rough time right now.
Klay Thompson is one of the finest shooters in NBA history, but he, like everyone else, goes through dry spells. Thompson’s slump is occurring in the midst of the NBA Finals, which is unfortunate for him. Thompson’s Golden State Warriors are matched with the Boston Celtics at one game apiece, and he hasn’t been able to produce at the same level as Steph Curry.

Thompson, fortunately for the Warriors, is a self-aware player. In fact, when asked how he planned to break out of his funk, Thompson responded with a very amusing response that is unmistakably a homage to the mystique surrounding his prior exploits.
“I did it yesterday… I think I simply watched Game 6 Klay on YouTube.” “I was in a lot of high-pressure situations and I managed to shoot the ball well,” Thompson said.

For those who don’t know, “Game 6 Klay” refers to Thompson’s proclivity for playing exceptionally well in Game 6s. Klay will give you one of his finest performances of his career, even if his team does not always win.

With Game 3 of the NBA Finals about to take place on Wednesday, we could witness Klay return to his former glory. Until then, this series will keep you guessing.