On “Renaissance,” Beyoncé seems to allude to JAY-adultery Z’s and feud with Solange several times.

The mother of three sings on “Plastic On The Sofa” that “We don’t need the world’s acceptance / They’re too hard on me / They’re too hard on you, boy.”
Given the six-year gap between the release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade and the release of her most recent album, Renaissance, the Houston native had a lot to say on her 16-track effort. She addressed her husband’s previous infidelity as well as the incident in which her younger sister, Solange Knowles, attacked JAY-Z in an elevator at the 2014 Met Gala.

The seventh song, “PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA,” seems to suggest that Bey and her companion of 21 years are at a point where they no longer require outside approval of their relationship. We don’t need the approval of the outside world / They’re too harsh on me.

The song, which lasts for four minutes and 14 seconds, continues, “Boy, I know you can’t help but to be yourself around me / And I know nobody’s perfect so I’ll let you be.” When I tell you that I had to leave, you create a look that shows how much you wear your emotions on both sleeves.

On another song, “ALIEN SUPERSTAR,” Queen B displays her self-assurance and sings with no apparent fear that her husband will soon be seen hanging out with “Becky with the nice hair.”

The mother of three gloats, “I’m one of one, I’m number one, I’m the only one.” Nobody else in the world can think like me, and trying to compete with me is a waste of time since I’m twisted, contradictory, and keep him addicted.

In the second song on RENAISSANCE, “COZY,” Beyoncé praised Solange for resolving her cheating scandal with JAY-Z on her own.

As you may recall, while her older sister watched, security cameras showed the When I Get Home singer physically attacking the New York rapper. The brawl was eventually broken up by a bodyguard, but watchers of the footage have long laughed at how serene Bey stayed amid the mayhem, appearing unconcerned by her partner being attacked.

“She is a god and a hero. She endured a lot, but she survived. She is deadly and self-assured. I’d like to urge that you refrain from touching my sister since she is at ease “She reminds the audience.

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