Mary J. Blige Tells Her 13-Year-Old Self What She Would Tell Herself

Mary J. Blige Tells Her 13-Year-Old Self What She Would Tell Herself


She claims she couldn’t offer guidance because her tough earlier self “couldn’t hear this Mary.”
Mary J. Blige’s fans often feel as if they’ve been at her side when she’s faced public adversity. With a career that spans decades and has weathered every industry upheaval, Mary J. Blige routinely reflects on the upbringing that led to her current success. The documentary Good Morning Gorgeous chronicles the Queen of Hip Hop-highs Soul’s and lows, from addictions to heartbreak to divorce and rebuilding, Blige is leaving all her cards on the table.

TIME named the singer one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2022 as a result of her hard work. Blige talked about growing up in a difficult Bronx neighborhood “where women didn’t feel good about themselves” in an interview with the site.

“We were residents of the projects. They put you in this experiment with the goal of ensuring your survival. And I was severely harmed by men’s hands, but thank God I lived “According to Blige. “I didn’t give a damn about myself.” I had no desire for anything for myself. “All I wanted to do was die.” Blige discovered a safe haven in music where she could let go of her own demons.


“I couldn’t put it anywhere, so I had to find a place to talk.” People remarked, ‘Wow, she’s going through the same insecurity,’ or ‘She’s going through the same abusive relationship,’ or whatever she’s going through in her life, me too,’ because of the song.” The hitmaker explains what she’s learned now that she’s at peace with herself.

“Mary, thirteen, wouldn’t be able to hear this Mary.” “As a result, I can’t tell her anything,” she explained. “All you have to do now is go through the motions.” It’ll all work out. I know it hurts, but everything will be fine, and Mary is telling her that.”