Keyshia Cole’s Past Relationships



Keyshia Cole’s dating history is discussed, including her relationships with Birdman, Jeezy, and Bow Wow.
Keyshia Cole has plenty of interesting anecdotes to tell – particularly about her love life – after nearly 41 journeys around the Sun and a distinguished career in the R&B industry. Most recently, the Oakland-born soprano became entangled in a perplexing relationship with Antonio Brown, which didn’t appear to pan out the way she had hoped.

The hitmaker for “The Way It Is” soared to stardom as a teenager, and by the late 2000s, she had established a name for herself thanks to her ability, hard work, and determination. She didn’t take long to mingle with other high-profile musicians and celebrities, even forming romantic relationships with a few of them.

Though not all of them ended as spectacularly as her and AB’s (mainly owing to today’s social media age), a few were significantly more dramatic, with Cole being jailed and sued for $100,000 after allegedly assaulting one of her former partner’s claimed mistresses.
Needless to say, it’s been a bumpy road for the singer, but that hasn’t stopped her from putting on her rose-colored glasses and having a positive outlook on her love life’s future every time she’s knocked down.

Take a look at our timeline of Keyshia Cole’s romantic relationships.


Santana, Chink (May 2003 – June 2005)

Rumors began to circulate in 2005 that Cole and “Foolish” singer Ashanti (who was dating Nelly at the time) were dating.”Situations,” a duet between Santana and the mother of two, was released the same year. Despite the fact that many specifics of their rumored relationship were never made public, Cole and Ashanti collaborated on “Woman To Woman” about a decade later, a song in which they appear to confirm all of the turmoil, which purportedly led to Nelly and Ashanti’s separation.

Jeezy Jeezy Jeezy Jeezy Jeezy J (November 2005 – October 2007)
Jeezy and Keyshia Cole were tipped to be the industry’s King and Queen of Atlanta back in the day. They released their collaborative single “Dreamin” in 2006, and despite the fact that they were spending more time together, the South Carolina native wanted to keep things lowkey, which she didn’t like.

Cole once proposed to him, according to the “Soul Survivor” artist, but he declined. “Keyshia asked me to marry her and even got me a ring. She’s not going to tell you otherwise. ‘Look, sweetheart, that isn’t what it is right now,’ I was old enough to tell her. I’m attempting to gather my wits. I’m attempting to obtain my funds, care for myself, and provide for my family.

Cole, on the other hand, had a different narrative to tell. She told Essence Magazine, “After this gentleman proposed to me, I was like, well, this is everything a woman lives for: to be married, with a ring, to be able to represent something.” “However, it was the polar opposite for me. I was terrified. That’s something I’m just not prepared for. I haven’t completed all of my life’s objectives. I couldn’t bring myself to submit. However, I adored him. That’s what’s so strange about it.”

“I’m really proud of Jeezy and Jeannie,” Keyshia remarked after learning about Jeezy’s engagement to his current partner Jeannie Mai. She’s a lovely lady. She’s always been a nice person. But I’m quite happy of the fact that he’s taken the step to openly love because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Daniel Gibson is a writer who lives in the United (May 2009 – September 2013)

After not receiving the love she desired from Jeezy, the 40-year-old moved on to Daniel Gibson, a former professional basketball player who not only gave her a wedding ring, but also her first kid, Daniel Hiram Jr., who was born on March 2nd, 2010.They married on May 22nd, 2011, just over a year after their child was born, and only a few months later they rekindled their vows. Unfortunately for the new family, the sportsman and vocalist divorced in September of 2013, saying “irreconcilable disagreements.” Cole then filed for divorce in 2017, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The “Heaven Sent” singer gave an update on how she and her ex were doing during a 2017 interview on The Real talk program. “We’re pals, we’re friends,” says the narrator. We’re co-parenting our son incredibly well, and I’m tremendously proud of both of us. We are all three of us. We’re all trying to figure it out; it’s difficult, but we’re friends, so we’re doing it for him.”

Despite her upbeat attitude, it has been alleged that Gibson “dragged the divorce on for years,” despite Keyshia’s public efforts to end it, and that a judge had to issue four warnings and threaten a fine to get him to court.

Birdman is a character in the film Birdman (January – September 2014)

Keyshia Cole found herself in the midst of yet another high-profile romance with Birdman after divorcing her husband, this one possibly her most contentious.

As we’ve seen in the past, the artist has a penchant for wearing her heart on her sleeve, and as Instagram grew in popularity, she didn’t hesitate to use it to show her love for Bird, filming a video of her grinding on top of a piano while two men danced in the background, uploading it to her feed, and tagging her beau’s handle.

While that incident was tumultuous, it was nothing compared to what occurred when the R&B diva visited the Cash Money Records CEO’s L.A. condo, where she ran into another lady and accused her spouse of cheating on her, prompting Keyshia to attack the woman.

Cole was arrested after the victim was allegedly scratched, had her hair tugged, and was punched in the face. She won $100,000 in her lawsuit against the artist, and the incident is said to be the reason for Birdman’s breakup with the R&B singer.

Wow, what a compliment (January – March 2016)

Bow Wow, who first ignited rumors after he tweeted and then removed a photo in bed with a woman who looked like Keyshia in February of 2016, was one of Keyshia’s more fleeting flings.
Cole was accused of egging Bow Wow’s car after their breakup a few weeks later, but the mother of two has constantly denied that it was her. Surprisingly, whoever was responsible for the accident ended up hitting Shad Moss’ friend’s car instead of his own.

Floyd Mayweather is a boxer from the United States (Late 2016)

The diva and Floyd Mayweather made flirting headlines while seeking to finalize her divorce from Daniel Gibson, while she conceded in an interview with Hot 97 that she’d “never survive in a relationship with someone like Mayweather.”

“You know I’d never make it in that scenario.” I’d rather stay with my hubby. “That’s absurd,” she responded at the time. “Even though Floyd is one of my favorite musicians. That’s gonna be my pal to the end. Floyd gives me a positive vibe. I adore him, and he’s been quite helpful. Even just providing me with inspiration and words of encouragement is enough.”

“Being in a relationship with Floyd would really devastate me; I’m not the type of lady who can deal with that kind of thing, and I don’t think money would make things any better.”

While she denied any affiliation with Mayweather, she did admit that she was in talks with someone else in the entertainment sector and that she was “taking things very slowly.”

Niko Khale is a character in the film Niko Khale (November 2017 – October 2020)
Keyshia Cole’s second relationship was with a considerably younger man, recording artist Niko Khale, with whom she went public in early 2018. Despite their 14-year age difference, the couple appeared to be in love and welcomed Tobias Khale into the world on August 1st, 2019.

Their relationship, of course, was not without its flaws. They prompted breakup rumors in February 2019 when fans saw that the 40-year-old had deleted all of her images with him. “My heart is devastated,” he said in an Instagram response to a follower in October 2020, confirming that he and Cole had broken up. My thoughts are free. ‘It’s getting close to my time.’

Brown, Antonio (April – May 2022)

Ms. Cole’s most recent relationship with NFL star Antonio Brown, of course, has been all over the headlines this month. The two initially made headlines when they teased that the “Let It Go” singer had gotten a “AB” tattoo ahead of the release of their “Don’t Leave” track, which drew a lot of interest.

We didn’t hear from them again for a long — this time, she told her Instagram followers that she missed her rumored boo “a lot,” however he didn’t appear to appreciate her public expression of affection, later declaring on Live, “We don’t want you, Keyshia Cole.”

Brown’s antics don’t exactly come as a surprise to his fans, although many social media users have spoken out in defense of the industry legend after she was hit with such blatant disrespect.

While things may not have worked out with AB, Cole still has plenty of time to find the “Love” she’s been crooning about since 2005.