Following NORE’s recent tweets, The Breakfast Club defends Cardi B.

Following NORE's recent tweets, The Breakfast Club defends Cardi B.



After expressing dissatisfaction with musicians and celebrities coming to David Letterman and Ellen before hip-hop media channels, N.O.R.E. denied dissing Cardi B.
N.O.R.E. has effectively converted from full-time rapper to one of hip-most hop’s well-known journalists. Drink Champs has established itself as one of the most recognized podcasts in the culture over the last few years. Nonetheless, it appears that certain musicians and labels are hesitant to meet with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. On Wednesday, N.O.R.E. took to Twitter to express his complaints.

“I have always placed hiphop first,” he added, before slamming Oprah. “I watch u folks go to Ellen and David Letterman’s and Zane Lowe’s and treat them with more respect than the culture but u say u want black excellence,” he wrote. “David Letterman is my fave, but why go there or Ellen before a million-dollar game, Joe or the Champs, or even Twitter nonsense???”

The Breakfast Club responded to the tweets on Thursday morning, which some interpreted as a dig at Cardi B. The Bronx rapper is set to appear on David Letterman’s Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Cardi has continued to support the outlets that showed her love during her rise, according to Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy.

“Cardi does a lot of things that a lot of artists won’t do,” Envy remarked, before adding that N.O.R.E wasn’t likely referring about Cardi B. Cardi still patronizes Black-owned businesses and establishments, as well as the DJs who put her on, according to him. “However, I believe that when artists become famous, they stop going to a lot of the areas that helped them get there and instead start doing the crossover thing, which I believe is a bad idea.”

N.O.R.E’s statements were expanded upon by Charlamagne, who claimed that many artists and labels regard non-hip-hop platforms with more respect. “‘Don’t ask this,’ the PR and label will tell Black outlets. ‘Please don’t ask that.’ When they sit with the white outlets, on the other hand, they will say, “We are open to discussing anything.” So that’s where the respect comes from, because you’re providing these white publications viral soundbites and expanding their platforms “According to Charlamagne.

Cardi B wasn’t even on N.O.R.E.’s mind when he sent the tweets, it turns out. “Love it wasn’t even talking or thinking bout cardi but love the article,” he wrote in response to the rumors.


Take a look at his tweet below.