Insecurity: No Shame In Asking US, UK For Help, Okon Lagos Tells FG

Nigerian comic actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, fondly known as Okon Lagos, has advised the government to seek foreign assistance in the fight against insecurity.

The actor while “giving his two cents” on the high level of insecurity bedevilling the nation stated that there is no shame if the federal government ask countries like America, the UK and China for help.

In a video posted on his verified Instagram account, he wrote, “Nigeria is helplessly drowned in insecurity. Our leaders are pretending that all is well. International Community abeg force help on us if u must oooo. (sic)

“There is nothing shameful in going to your elder brothers in the global community and telling them, ‘please come and help me, I cannot help myself. There is nothing shameful about it. We know that we cannot protect and defend ourselves, so why don’t we go and look for help from other countries.

“What is shameful there, if we go and meet America, Britain, anybody, or China, to come and help us. We cannot help ourselves. We cannot solve our insecurity problem. Yet, we are proud about it; you don’t do that. B humble. Go and tell them to help you because you need help.”