“I Regret Being A Second Wife, I Ruined Someone’s Marriage” – Lady Cries Out

A lady identified as Hellen Nkindu has expressed her regrets over getting married as a second wife to a man knowing fully well that he was already married.

According to her, she went as far as mocking and humiliating her co-wife for being barren.

Hellen revealed that she was born and raised in Kakamega.

However, when she was in form four she got pregnant. The father of her child refused to take responsibility causing her to relocate to Nairobi with her child when she completed her exams.

After she relocated, she got a job at a restaurant where she met a man who was fifteen years older than her.

They exchanged contacts and started a relationship knowing fully wife that the man was married, she decided to be his second wife because he was rich.

She said:

“I knew that my life would change after getting married and it did.”

When the man’s wife found out about the relationship, she tried her best to stop it but Hellen was adamant.

During the process, she realized that the man’s wife was barren and they had lived for twenty years without child so she immediately got pregnant for him and the man was happy.

After the news of her pregnancy, the man visited her parents and paid her bride price.

Hellen revealed that she felt like she had won because the man had chosen her over his wife. The man’s wife was abandoned and the man relocated to Hellen’s house.

According to Hellen, she became the second wife and she took the advantage of humiliating the first wife due to her barrenness.

She delivered her first child for the man followed by another baby three years later causing the man to stop seeing his wife and concentrated on raising his children with Hellen.

Time passed and Hellen started feeling guilty for her actions. She wanted to leave the man because what they were doing was against the bible and God’s teachings.

She changed her attitude and started to drift from her husband. She decided to move on with life without him.

She left the house and moved to a different house and started life afresh without him.

She revealed that it was difficult at first as she was now used to a luxurious lifestyle.

However she decided to endure until she got back to her feet.

She regrets ruining another woman’s marriage and she is deeply sorry to her ex co-wife for the pain that she caused her through the years.

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