Fenix Flexin Releases “Fenix Flexin Vol. 2,” His Most Recent Work.

Fenix Flexin Vol. 2 Fenix Flexin

The former Shoreline Mafia member releases “Fenix Flexin Vol. 2,” his most recent solo effort.
When Shoreline Mafia became the hottest group on the West Coast, it seemed like an eternity had passed. The group broke up as circumstances changed, and several of the members went on successful solo trips. Since he started building his solo collection two years ago, Fenix Flexin has been exerting pressure.

He has released the follow-up to his self-titled solo debut from 2021. The rapper delivers smooth West Coast bangers with ominous sound and vivid tales of the streets on Fenix Flexin Vol. 2. It’s another another outstanding piece of work that demonstrates Fenix Flexin’s goal of staying relevant in hip-hop.

Check out Fenix Flexin Vol. 2 and share your opinions about the rapper’s most recent album in the comments.


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