Everyone Should Stop “Dissin The Dead,” Demands Gucci Mane Mp3

Dissin The Dead Gucci Mane

Gucci explains in his new song why this practice has to stop and accepts responsibility for his previous statements.
Fans of the late rapper Young Dolph have had a gloomy day of celebration because it is his birthday today (July 27). Dolph’s loved ones are still mourning his death; he was tragically killed last Fall in an attack in his hometown. Gucci Mane discreetly released a new song called “Dissin The Dead” on what would have been Dolph’s 37th birthday. In it, he addresses a persistent issue in hip hop where some musicians use their songs to make derogatory statements about persons who have died away.

Even though Dolph was well-liked in his neighborhood, his profession, and beyond, some individuals used his tragedy to talk poorly of him after he passed away. Other victims have experienced this kind of hatred, like Pop Smoke and King Von. On Gucci’s latest song, he raps on the need to stop “dissing the dead” right now.

Normally, Gucci would be seen bragging about his accomplishments or wealth, but this time, he takes a minute to address his peers and followers in a song that sends a meaningful and uplifting message.

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