Eminem Applauds The D.O.C.’s Lyricism While Revisiting Classic Bars

The Detroit great will be one of many people included in “The DOC,” a documentary about the Rap pioneer’s long and illustrious career.
Eminem is one of the most well-known rappers in the world, but he manages to keep a low profile. The Detroit icon seldom makes public appearances, doesn’t appear on award show red carpets, and doesn’t ask for interviews, but every now and then, he surprises the industry with a social media post or feature. This time, it’s because to a new documentary about The D.O.C., a revered Rap pioneer.

The DOC documentary was given an exclusive peek by Complex, and the film is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. The documentary will tell the tale of the Rap legend throughout his long career, and Eminem lauded The D.O.C.’s legacy, influence, and poetry in a clip.
Simply before returning to D.O.C.’s bars, the rapper stated, “He was doing stuff that nobody had done before, like, just poetically.” “I would’ve been down with Rock but I’d be broke / By the punk, I’m opening up my trunk / To unveil, death, livin’ it up, my life is like a narrative / Yellin’ it, ‘cuz nobody else is telling it / Checkin’ it, always gettin’ paid ’cause the rap is kind of a twist”

Those phrases were famously incorporated in the 1989 song “Mind Blowin’.” D.O.C. was close to Eminem throughout filming, so when the rapper struggled to recollect a certain phrase, D.O.C. was there to help.

The D.O.C. commented about the video on Instagram: “The directions are west, east, and south. Hip Hop is a genre of music. When real sh*t can heal sh*t, it’s called gangsta sh*t. Join me in celebrating!!!”