Church Leaders to FG: With protracted ASUU strike, Nigeria’s future is bleak

Church leaders and clergy have claimed that the nation’s future is gloomy in light of the ongoing ASUU strike.
They therefore appealed to the unions at the nation’s institutions in order to defend the interests of the students.

The clerics, who represented the Fellowship of Leaders and Ministers of Bible-believing Churches, spoke with journalists on Monday in Ilorin under the direction of Pastor Abel Aiyedogbon. They claimed that Nigeria’s future would be at jeopardy if the young are not equipped for expected responsibilities.

“As a body and stakeholders to the destinies of our children, we appealed to the parties concerned especially the federal government to quickly resolve the ASUU crisis.

“The students involved are the future leaders of our nation and if they are not prepared for such roles as expected, the future of our country may be in jeopardy.

“Today is the womb of tomorrow, what we do with our nation today will determine how strong the country will be tomorrow. The Nigeria of tomorrow is certainly going to be what the ruling class of today organises it to be,” he said.


The church leaders and ministers claimed that the prolonged strike action had revealed alleged insensitivity on the part of the nation’s policymakers and all the stakeholders involved, adding that it was important to take into account the plight of university students who had been on the receiving end over the years.