Candy Foxy Brown Feat. Kelis Mp3

We replay a popular track from Foxy’s third album mp3, “Broken Silence,” which was created by The Neptunes, to commemorate its 21st anniversary.
We’re back with another Hip Hop anniversary, thanks to Foxy Brown this time. The third studio album by Foxy Brown, Broken Silence, which many thought showed Brown sliding further into a Pop lane than her earlier efforts, was released 21 years ago this past weekend. With tracks like “Get Me Home,” “I’ll Be,” and How to Be a Player’s “Big Bad Mamma,” the Ill Na Na rapper had already made significant strides. However, by 2001, Foxy had significantly changed things up.

We’re playing a classic from Broken Silence, “Candy” starring Kelis, to commemorate the Rap icon’s discography on her anniversary. As soon as you hit play, it becomes clear that The Neptunes were responsible for the creation. Kelis frequently cooperated with Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, so it’s not surprising to see her on this song.

While “Candy” didn’t achieve the top position, fans who still stream the classic all these years later don’t seem to care at all. It eventually peaked at number 10 on the Hot Rap Songs list and number 24 on Billboard’s Top 100.


Below, you can listen to Foxy Brown’s smash single “Candy,” which features Kelis.

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