2023 ELECTION: ZacK Orji Gives Reasons For Supporting Tinubu

Nollywood icon Zack Orji has declared support for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as president of Nigeria.

Orji, who is also the vice-president of Ambassadors of Voice for Change, made his position known in a viral video that hit social media on Saturday.

‘I have always known this man as a chief crusader for the democratic consolidation of our country Nigeria. I have always known him as a man who stands for equity, justice, fairplay and national cohesion”, he said in the video.

Orji spoke of Tinubu’s era in Lagos and praised him for running an inclusive and rainbow government of all Nigerians.

5 thoughts on “2023 ELECTION: ZacK Orji Gives Reasons For Supporting Tinubu”

    • That you know someone yesterday is not enough reason to vouch for such today. Time makes the difference.

      BAT’s motive for presidency is totally wrong. This man is not even healthy to preside over the country. The voices of Nigerians will speak come 2023… We go vote right!

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