Threats from Cardi B’s security to harm a fan for firing a shot at her

Rappers require the best security available in order to protect them from too enthusiastic spectators. When one particularly cheeky fan caught Cardi B at a grocery store, her security made it clear that they are not to be trifled with.

The Bardi Gang’s leader was about to leave the store when a male fan decided to wish the rapper a good day in a video that went viral on Thursday (June 23). The conversation was cordial up until the man felt his confidence soar.

The guy remarked, “Hey Cardi, have a wonderful rest of the day,” and Cardi replied, “You too.”

The man boldly asked Cardi for her phone number as she was about to exit the building, to which she responded, “Boy!” On the other hand, her security guard had a different response.

He turned back around and pointed squarely at the fan, saying, “See, it will get you knocked [out]!” Don’t carry out that.

Fortunately, things didn’t become worse, but it serves as a cautionary tale about how not to act around famous people. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for the fan to inquire about Cardi B’s upcoming album, which the Bardi Gang has been anticipating for the past four years.

The Bronx native has been hinting at the release of her follow-up to her 2018 debut Invasion of Privacy for some time, but aside from a few unofficial singles like “Money” and “Up,” no date has been set.