The album “Rae Rae’s Son” features 11 tracks from Stunna 4 Vegas.

The album "Rae Rae's Son" features 11 tracks from Stunna 4 Vegas.



S4V’s latest project features Icewear Vezzo, YRB Tezz, and Spinabenz.
Stunna 4 Vegas, a Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment artist who has released a string of fiery singles, has returned with an 11-track album that finds him reflecting on his humble beginnings in North Carolina while praising the women who brought him into this world and helped him grow.

Icewear Vezzo makes an appearance on Rae Rae’s Son’s previously released single “BMF,” and YRB Tezz makes an appearance on “Fye,” and Spinabenz makes an appearance on the album’s closing, “Sad Song.” “Pay Me To Speak,” “The One,” and “Suspect” are among the other singles released ahead of New Music Friday.

Stunna will play three performances in Charlotte (May 21), Dallas (May 29), and Billings (May 30) to celebrate the release of his new album (June 9). The Billion Dollar Baby star will be accompanied on his journey by YRB Teez and SSG Splurge.


1. Rae Rae’s Intro

2. The One

3. Pay Me To Speak

4. BMF (feat. Icewear Vezzo)

5. Going For Nun

6. Suspect

7. Activated

8. Sticks

9. Fye (with YRB Tezz)

10. Skurrt

11. Sad Song (with Spinabenz)