Tank recalls being “kind of homeless” and being invited to move in by Jamie Foxx.

Tank recalls being "kind of homeless" and being invited to move in by Jamie Foxx.


“You’re going to use my studio and you’re going to live in my house until you figure it out,” Foxx said Tanks, according to Tanks.
Thanks to Tank’s recent extensive interview with Drink Champs, we’ve learnt a lot about his life and profession. The R&B veteran has been in the business for decades and sat down to tell us about a handful of the stories he’s heard along the road. He broke down in tears as he spoke about Aaliyah encouraging him when he was down, and he addressed accusations that he was gay because he performed for LGBTQIA+ audiences. In another story, Tank revealed that while his career was going through a rough patch, Jamie Foxx was there to make sure he was taken care of.

“I’m standing in Jamie Foxx’s kitchen with his sister Deidra,” she says “The hitmaker was remembered by the singer. “‘What the hell is going on?’ he asks. ‘I ain’t doing nothing,’ I responded. ‘I’m about to go home, do the church thing, and move back into my mama’s house.’

“He’s like, ‘You can’t go home, no, you can’t,'” Tank continued, referring to Foxx’s question about who would inspire him if Tank was no longer in the running. “His sister said, ‘Ain’t no way you’re going home, you ain’t going nowhere, we’re going to fight this.’ At this point, I’m kind of homeless.” ‘This is what you’re going to do: you’re going to use my studio and live in my house until you figure it out,’ [Foxx] stated.

Foxx startled Noreaga by extending such an invitation.