Steph Curry’s lack of Finals MVPs is explained by Draymond Green.

Steph Curry's lack of Finals MVPs is explained by Draymond Green.


Steph Curry has had a storied career, but there is one item missing from his list of accomplishments. That one thing is, of course, a Finals MVP. Andre Iguodala won MVP in his first title, while Kevin Durant won it the other two times. With being said, many critics believe that Curry needs to win Finals MVP in order for his accomplishments to be validated.

Draymond Green, his outspoken colleague, does not share this viewpoint. Green, on the other hand, believes the polar opposite, as he explains on his infamous show, where he offers all of his fiery thoughts unfiltered. Green says Curry hasn’t won any MVP awards because he is constantly being judged.


“During those Finals runs, Kevin Durant was unstoppable. We all watched it, as you know. Kevin Durant was a complete lunatic. In a given series, Steph Curry was certainly double-teamed seven times more than KD “Green said. “You’re going to come out and say he needs to justify it by winning Finals MVP if you don’t understand basketball, which most people in your environment don’t.”

Against the Boston Celtics, Curry will have a chance to win his first NBA Finals MVP award. It will be a challenging undertaking, but it appears that his admirers are confident in his ability to complete it.