Ravyn Lenae’s “Hypnos,” featuring Steve Lacy, Kaytranada, and Smino, is out now.


Ravyn Lenae's "Hypnos," featuring Steve Lacy, Kaytranada, and Smino, is out now.

On “Hypnos,” Ravyn Lenae returns from a long break with RnB sounds.
Ravyn Lenae, an alt-RnB singer, hasn’t released any new music in a long time. In 2018, the musician released the 5-song EP Crush, as well as a video for “The Night Song,” one of the album’s songs. She has remained very quiet since then, with the exception of a few one-offs, such as “Rewind,” which was featured on the TV sitcom Insecure. She first made a name for herself in 2016 with her Moon Shoes EP, which was followed by her joining SZA on her CTRL tour.

Lenae’s distinctive sensuous, personal vocals are featured on Hypnos, which is full of laid-back songs. The singer frequently sings about various stages of love, from short moments that never seem to stay long enough on Steve Lacy’s “Skin Tight” to ecstatic highs reached in the heat of passion on Kaytranada’s “Xtasy.” The instrumentals are funky but never overpowering, complementing Lenae’s subject matter and delivery.

Check out the LP below, and let us know what you think in the comments.


1. Cameo

2. Venom

3. Inside Out

4. M.I.A.

5. Skin Tight (feat. Steve Lacy)

6. Where I’m From (feat. Mereba)

7. Deep In The World

8. Higher

9. 3D (feat. Smino)

10. Satellites

11. Lullabye

12. Light Me Up

13. Like You Do

14. Xtasy

15. Mercury (feat. Fousheé)

16. Wish