On the “Twelve Carat Toothache (Deluxe)” track “Hateful,” Post Malone deals with betrayal.

On his new tune “Hateful,” off the deluxe edition of “Twelve Carat Toothache,” Post Malone tackles an unfaithful relationship.
On Tuesday, Post Malone released the deluxe edition of his newest album, Twelve Carat Toothache, which includes two new tracks. Malone deals with the agony of an unfaithful relationship in the incredibly raw “Hateful,” which closes off the album.

The song begins with his partner accusing him of lying, but Malone turns the tables on them, alleging that they, too, “get off on treachery.”

On the thunderous chorus, Malone screams, “Love is fuckin’ cruel.”

The new song should help Twelve Carat Toothache maintain its momentum throughout the week, since the album was already predicted to sell between 115K and 130K copies in its first week. The second-to-last tune, “Waiting for Never,” is the other new song. While the new tracks do not include any new features, the original album has Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Gunna, and others. Twelve Carat Toothache is chock-full of songs, several of which made it onto this week’s Fire Emoji playlist.

Check out “Hateful” in the player below.