On His Debut 7-Track EP, Malachiii Invites Us To “The Ascension”

Malachiii’s peppy tracks are just what you need to add to your weekend streaming routine.
Malachiii, whose seven-track first EP, The Ascension, was released yesterday, makes their HNHH debut this week. On each of the tracks, the rising star goes solo and doesn’t hold back when it comes to showcasing his amazing vocal range.

“My genuine introduction to the world is The Ascension. This endeavor is extremely important to me because it is only the beginning. The listener will be able to experience several sides of me musically while reflecting on my personal path of ‘ascension’ in all aspects of my life “In a statement, the musician added.

He went on to say, “I make a conscious effort to be varied.” “It’s just the essence of my work and how I create. So much inspires me that it just organically comes out in my music.”

“I want to bring something fresh to the table, be creative with music, and give people a taste of diversity that they might not expect from a single artist. We’ve extended the panorama of what musicians can accomplish in this period, with a lot of artists rising up and producing and writing their own songs.”



1. Elevate

2. Hold Me

3. What’s In Store

4. I’m Back

5. Free My Soul

6. Next To Me

7. Back When We Were Kids