Jerry Jones Slams Dallas Mayor For Suggesting City Needs 2nd Football Team

These remarks did not sit well with Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones, the longstanding owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is criticizing Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson after Johnson said that Dallas would benefit from having a second football club, similar to how Los Angeles and New York operate. Jones claimed that the addition of a second club would be devastating for his cherished Cowboys.

Jones told The Dallas Morning News, “Well, I like the mayor. “Although I like him personally, he lacks depth. He lacks the understanding that others have of how special Dallas is and how much we love the Cowboys.”

If he understood as much about sports as I did and had spent as much time around them, Jones said, “He wouldn’t want to dumb it down as it applies to Dallas.”


Since 1989, the 79-year-old millionaire has been the Cowboys’ owner. Following that, the Cowboys went on to win three Super Bowl rings during a dynasty that featured Hall of Fame players including running back Emmitt Smith, receiver Michael Irving, quarterback Troy Aikman, and defensive back Deion Sanders. In 2017, Jones inducted himself into the NFL Hall of Fame.

In light of the Chargers’ uncertain future in Los Angeles, Johnson proposed the formation of a second Dallas football franchise. Dean Spanos, owner of the Chargers, is being sued by his sister for “misogynistic” conduct and may lose ownership of the team. Johnson took to Twitter to argue why the Chargers should relocate to his community.

The Cowboys just had a good season finish in a sad manner. Dallas fell to its venerable rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, in the first round of the playoffs after winning the NFC East for the first time since 2017. Dallas will attempt to recover from their disappointing year and win their first Super Bowl since 1995.