Jack Harlow Is Dubbed “The New Kanye” by Ryan Garcia

Jack Harlow Is Dubbed “The New Kanye” by Ryan Garcia

Fans are upset after a boxing star makes a contentious analogy on Twitter.
Following his knockout victory against Javier Fortuna two weeks ago, boxing champion Ryan Garcia has found himself back in the public eye. On Thursday, the 23-year-old celebrity posted a contentious message to Twitter that startled and infuriated the general public. He tweeted, “Jack Harlow the new Kanye.” Why the overreaction? When I hear Jack Harlow’s catchy words in his songs, I’m reminded of Kanye West back in the day.

The recent release of Harlow’s album Come Home The Kids Miss You, which received mixed reviews from both critics and fans, makes him one of the most promising emerging artists in hip hop today. Even though the album had excellent songs like “First Class” and “Dua Lipa,” it was clear Harlow had not yet found his voice.

Garcia, one of the sport’s most promising young fighters right now, is actively chasing matches against other well-known athletes like Gevonta Davis and Teofimo Lopez. While his musical preferences are currently in the spotlight, there is no disputing his skill in the ring. The Mexican-American athlete is currently 23-0, with 19 of those victories coming by way of knockout.

In other interviews, Harlow has stated that Kanye’s rhyming style had a significant impact on the creation of his songs. Following the release of his smash song “Nail Tech,” West praised Harlow and dubbed him one of the finest performers in the world.

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