Instagram model is dragged after boasting that LeBron James saw her post.

“Still a no for me,” Ghazal Tavoosi said beside a snapshot of Bron’s name on the viewer list. The world wide web was not nice.
Nobody is entirely sure what motivated an Instagram model and fashion designer to criticize LeBron James, but the outcome wasn’t good for her. Influencers receive a large portion of the views on social media, as users often check on posts, Stories, Reels, and other live-feeding options. Similar to Ghazal Tavoosi, models who flaunt their fit bodies in barely-there bikinis, pose in exotic places, or display high-end products may attract enormous followings.

Tavoosi displayed some flexing on Instagram over the weekend after sharing a snapshot of who had viewed her Story, including LeBron James.

Bron appeared to have done nothing more than peruse the posts, but Tavoosi added a remark in which she boasted about the well-known guys who were ostensibly paying attention to her.

Next to Bron’s name on her screenshot, she added, “Every day a new rapper/ athlete creepin.” Still a no from me, GM to y’all [crown emoji]. Because James uses the same symbol on his Instagram profile and because he goes by “King James,” it appears that she left it there.

As soon as the post went viral, there was an immediate pushback from those who didn’t get the argument Tavoosi was making. The public didn’t hold back in informing Tavoosi that they thought she was using the chance to harm the NBA icon, thus the replies were very heated.

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