DreamDoll, BeatKing, and Bankroll Freddie are featured in Erica Banks’ debut song, “Diary Of The Flow Queen.”

With a new project, the Texas rapper builds on her “Buss It” success.
Young Cash and she just joined T-Pain on his Wiscansin Tour, and now the rapper signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment and Warner Records has released her debut album. Erica Banks is formally announcing herself on her full-length studio debut, Diary of The Flow Queen, after there was some early uncertainty as to whether this was a mixtape or not.

The DeSoto, Texas native has been making a name for herself in hip hop, and her single “Buss It” achieved ground-breaking popularity. After the track was used for a TikTok challenge, it made her famous, and ever since then, she has released a number of other singles and music videos to showcase her talents.

In a news release, Banks stated, “I have a terrific ear for music. “I am aware of my best interests… We’re going to play turn-up music since I make it. We’re going to keep pushing it. What could be superior to that?

Watch The Flow Queen’s Diary, which features looks by DreamDoll, BeatKing, and Bankroll Freddie.


1. Intro
2. Throw a Lil Mo (Do It)
3. Nasty ft. Bankroll Freddie
4. Feinin
5. Trick
6. Pop Out
7. Slim West
8. Valid
9. Designer
10. Like Me
11. The Best
12. Work
13. Toot That ft. DreamDoll & BeatKing