Delonte West was spotted on the side of the road, begging for money.

Despite going to treatment, Delone West appears to have encountered a setback in his recovery.
In 2019, rumours began to circulate that Delonte West, a former NBA player, was homeless. Images of him in filthy clothing and seeming dazed began to spread, leading everyone to assume the stories were genuine.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, volunteered to pay for him to be checked into a rehabilitation clinic after viewing his condition. “We’ve tried to assist him so many times, you have no clue,” he told The Dallas News years before. Fortunately, West accepted his offer and joined a clinic in Florida.

West took part in a variety of activities at the clinic to help him detox. The basketball player was spotted horseback riding in a snapshot posted by Mark, and he appeared to be in good shape. He was progressing so well that he was even given a position at the rehabilitation clinic where he was undergoing treatment.

West was preparing to return to the sport of basketball in March of this year. He’d been working out in preparation to join Ice Cube’s Big3 League. A documentary on his life is also in the works, with the goal of focusing on the challenges he’s faced throughout his life. However, he appears to have suffered a setback.


The 38-year-old was caught on video asking for money on a roadway in Alexandria, Virginia. “Delonte, what’s up my brother,” the individual who was recording said before shaking his hand. West, who appeared unkempt, said, “What exactly is going on? Have you have any money?”


Take a look at the video below.