Cardi B burns Offset’s chicken wings and gets flamed on Instagram

Offset couldn’t help but chuckle at Cardi’s culinary abilities (or lack thereof).
We’re not all great cooks, but Cardi B is… trying her hardest. Offset recently shared a story on Instagram where he showed off some chicken wings that Cardi B had prepared. There are a few burned wings here and there in one batch, but hey, we take what we can get. However, the other tray contains chicken wings that are quite badly burned and perhaps inedible.

Offset can be heard laughing and singing “Shawty burnt the wings” in the Instagram video. But he did acknowledge that one batch turned out well. I’m going to be honest, because these are good, babe, and they’re right here.

It makes sense that Cardi’s cooking skills have drawn criticism on Instagram, and the responses are funny. Offset’s discography with Migos demonstrates that he, too, is a skilled cook, and the two have been known to fight at the dinner table in restaurants.

The two have recently been the subject of rumors about a split between the Migos after the couple stopped following Quavo on Instagram. Even though it’s unclear if the Migos trio is officially splitting up, it’s obvious that Cardi B and Offset.

See some of Instagram’s funniest reactions to Cardi’s cooking below as well as the clip from Offset’s stories.