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“Can’t Nobody Save That,” Offset and Cardi B say as they watch a yacht sink.

"Can't Nobody Save That," Offset and Cardi B say as they watch a yacht sink.


Offset and Cardi B were taken aback when they saw a yacht sink.
Offset and Cardi B’s relationship has been on the rise recently. Last month, the couple shared photos of their growing family, including their new baby boy. They had a great time on their date night. Offset recently stated that Cardi was his favourite food.

The pair has now witnessed a naval mishap while on what appears to be a relaxing vacation. Both rappers used social media to chronicle the final moments of a boat as it plummeted into a watery grave.

Offset and Cardi can be seen watching in astonishment as a yacht sinks slowly after striking a rocky outcropping on Offset’s Instagram story. In the video, Offset narrates, “It’s going to sink, boy.” “Oh my God, nobody’s going to preserve it?” Cardi exclaims, barely holding back tears. “Can’t nobody save that,” Offset responds. As the film progresses, it appears that he is correct in his assessment. The boat is almost completely buried, and there is no sign that aid is on the way. “Do you have any idea how much that is?” Offset is taken aback.

Cardi B shared a video of the shipwreck on Twitter, appearing to capture the action a few minutes after Offset. She wrote, “I can’t believe I’m truly witnessing a yacht sink.” In her video, she’s equally as excited, saying, “The ship is sinking! Do you see what I’m talking about?” Cardi B’s yacht commentary was swiftly edited together from video from James Cameron’s Titanic set. Cardi was not amused in the least. She said, “You know what.”

Cardi B’s video, as well as her response to the Titanic joke, may be seen below. Is the boat sunk for good or can it be resurrected?


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