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Brandy stream music “First Class (Freestyle)”

Brandy stream music "First Class (Freestyle)"


Brandy delivers a fresh freestyle over “First Class” by Jack Harlow.
Just days after the release of his new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, Jack Harlow caused a stir. During a recent press tour, Harlow found himself at Hot 97 with Ebro and the rest of the crew. The rapper was asked to identify Brandy’s voice during the interview, which he failed to accomplish despite multiple clear signs, including the fact that she is Ray J’s sister. For the rest of the day, the Internet slammed on Jack Harlow, while Brandy reacted days after the uproar died down. She tweeted, “I’m going to murk this man in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing [his] ass to sleep.”

Brandy stream music “First Class (Freestyle)”

Ebro in the Morning Exclusive: Brandy – 'First Class' (Freestyle) by Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97

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