“Anymore,” a new song by Ramin Popal


"Anymore," a new song by Ramin Popal

With the publication of his new song “Anymore,” Ramin Popal, a relatively new musician, has quickly established a name for himself. The song has gone on to become a great hit, with fans complimenting how enjoyable it is to listen to. It has acquired quite a following in just a few weeks since its publication.

Since he was a child, Ramin Popal has been studying music. He has a natural talent for it and rose to prominence rapidly. He has only recently started pursuing music as a career. He has shown that he is talented in this field. His song has done well on streaming services since its release. We can probably expect more hits like this from him in the future.

The song was co-written by Ramin Popal and Rumor Records.

You may listen to Ramin Popal’s new track here: